The Event

From April 27 to 29 the European Media Seminar will take place in Berlin.

The event is organised by the boards of editors of the multilingual european magazine /

We want to achieve a better cooperation between the different language editions of our magazine. Rather than having parallel reporting of the same political events we want to have more shared content, more joint articles and more pan-european discussions. And we are looking for new people to join our team of authors, translaters and multimedia editors.

The seminar takes place in a youth hostel in the center of Berlin right next to media institutions like Springe SE, Taz and Le Monde Diplomatique.

The media seminar has three main objectives:

  • enabling an exchange of experience and practice among our editors from all the language versions
  • improving the structure and processes of our cooperation
  • developing new formats, article series and create output on the spot.

We follow a sustainable approach: After the first media seminar of in 2016 and the first international media seminar in 2017 we want to establish the media seminar for more years to come in order to give young journalists and committed Europeans a place for exchange.

Are you interested in attending the event?

New authors who want to contribute to the magazine are always welcome. You have already experience in journalism or blogging, in creating podcasts or leading social media campaigns? You are interested in European politics and want to exchange your ideas and opinions with others?

Apply now! Click here to register for our event. Deadline: 28. february 2018.

Extra places are reserved for the winners of our essay contest. Choose one of our three suggested topics, prove your writing skills with a short and poignant text and send until 28 february latest!

Click here for our call for essays!