Workshop Preview: The Art of the Interview

How to land interviews, how to get interesting things out of the interviewee, and how to present the interviewee’s comments in an article? How to avoid making the situation awkward for both you and the other (presumably important) person? This workshop helps you conduct the perfect interview in different settings, from phone calls to Skype chats, real-life interviews and interviews shot on video.

This workshop aims at providing practical training rather than theoretical input. In a small group you will have the opportunity to apply learned skills immediately.

You want to take part in our event 27-29 April 2018 in Berlin? Apply now!

Another way to participate at the media seminar is our call for essays. Submit your text now until 28 february! Winners will be invited to the European Media Seminar 2018. The author of the best essay submitted wins a 12 month subscription to Le Monde Diplomatique in her/his preferred language. Read the full call for essays here.

Deadline for registrations: 28 february 2018




featured image by Ben Sutherland from Forest Hill, London, European Union [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons, cut to size from original