Preview field trip: Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle or DW is Germany’s international broadcaster. With a range of TV and radio programs in 30 languages DW reaches more than 157 million people on a weekly basis.

The flagship is DW’s 24 hour news program in English. Other programs At the DW headquarters in Bonn and the studios in Berlin a total of 1.500 employees and nearly as many freelancers from

Made for minds is the credo of DW. According to it’s mission statement the target audience is decision makers and opinion leaders. In authoritarian countries, DW tries to reach out to citizens who engage themselves for democracy, civil liberties and progress.

On our field trip we will have the chance to …

  • learn more about the mission, history and structure of Germany’s international broadcaster
  • visit the studios and newsrooms at DW Berlin
  • taking part in a discussion with journalists at DW and answering practical questions concerning their work experience and career path

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