Workshop preview: Online communication

Being a webzine most of our readers are referred to our page via search engines and social media. Therefore we want to dig deeper in how to improve our online presence in social media.

Some issues the workshop wants to address: How to use social media to reach out to more people? How to have a more attractive strategy of communication? How to respond to EU officials on twitter? How to make few posts more effective?

The workshop will be participative, with a put in practice moment. It aims at teaching participants communication strategies with social media. Editors of our online magazines will take home advice of how to improving our online communication.

Host for the workshop: Cherian Grundman (tbc), founder of the One Europe, an initiative that developed from a facebook page to an online plattform with hundreds of contributors.

With a background in physics and design and a passion for politics Cherian was looking ways to encourage the development of transnational civic movements in order to pave the ground for more democratic sovereignty at the European level.

Cherian puts hope in the digital revolution to become an opportunity to develop a trans-national public of Europeans, evolving their society around citizens and democratic ideals rather than nations.

(Extract from Cherian’s profile on



featured image by Martin Grandjean [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons