For a European perspective: News for Newropeans!

Did you know that a tv show produced in Berlin was awarded best talk show in the Arab world? Shabab Talk hosted by Deutsche Welle and presented by Jafar Abdul Karim is watched by millions of viewers in Arabic speaking countries and in Europe itself.

Do you know other examples of european media projects that reach out to Europeans originating from outside the EU? What are the main challenges for European media concerning this target group? What would you, as a newropean identify as the shortcomings and pitfalls in the European media landscape?

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Topic 2/3: News for Newropeans: Reaching out to readers with migration history. Europe is an ageing continent with a growing proportion of citizens originating from third countries. This results in challenges for journalists and news providers regarding language, reading habits and reader retention. The essay should elaborate on existing challenges, potentials and strategies for European media makers considering the growing number of EU-citizens originating from third countries. The text should be based on thoroughly researched facts and solid argumentation but may include the author’s personal experience or viewpoint.

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